Sunday, February 18, 2018
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About Us

Welcome to Inspiration Medic, an innovative Respiratory Care provider owned and exclusively operated by experienced Registered Respiratory Therapists motivated by a strong ability and desire to guide you, our clients, in your quest to wellness.

Working closely with our client`s medical professional team, we offer a unique and personalized approach in the delivery of our products and services to the clients who entrust themselves into our care.  With a purpose of "helping people, helping themselves ", we assist you in making decisions relevant to your needs and expectations.

With the utmost respect of your individuality, our skilled professionals, experts in the treatment of sleep disorder breathing and respiratory conditions, will customize a treatment program for you;

Based on your

- Convenience     - Choices     - Needs     - Well Being

We invite you to experience the difference of

  • Skilled and seasoned medical personnel
  • Personal attention given to each of our clients
  • The  calm and relaxing atmosphere of our convenient location
  • Exceptional client education program
  • A wide range of equipment including the most advanced technologies
  • Our long term commitment to your wellbeing beyond therapy initiation
  • Follow-up program in person and via remote monitoring devices
  • Absolutely free of charge CPAP trial, no hidden costs
  • An experience like no other at our Sleep Treatment Centre

If you or someone you love is suffering from Sleep Apnea or a Respiratory condition requiring treatment at home, we encourage you to take the steps needed and contact an Inspiration Medic Respiratory Therapist.

Our commitment to our clients is that, we make a difference in their lives.

Call us at 613-747-2468 or visit us at 301-666 Kirkwood Ave

613.747.2468 | 877.805.6571

Hours of operation:

Monday to Thursday: 7am to 8pm Friday: 7am to 5pm Saturday: 9am to 4pm