Sunday, February 18, 2018
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Accreditation Canada Member

Inspiration Medic is pleased to confirm it`s engagement in the process of accreditation and our acceptance in the Accreditation Primer program by Accreditation Canada.

By participating in the accreditation program, we are clearly demonstrating to our clients and the medical community, our commitment to providing quality care and services and embracing continuous quality improvement.

Accreditation Canada

Accreditation Canada is a not for profit organization, independent of government, administered and organized by health and social services professionals.

Of international repute, Accreditation Canada, evaluates the services, method of operation and the performance of participating organizations against national standards of excellence.

What does it mean to you as a client?

It gives you comfort and assurance that you have selected a provider that

  • follows national standards
  • is committed to quality care and services
  • is engaged in activities to continuously improved its service
  • is open to reviews and feed-back on its journey to excellence

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Hours of operation:

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